LONDON_ The historical fiction novel "Beyond - Popham Colony: The First English Settlement in New England" by R. deVillers Seymour (Maine Authors Publishing) is the grand prize winner of the 2013 London Book Festival, which honors books worthy of further international attention.

Some 13 years before the Mayflower, five Native Americans are kidnapped and taken to England. One of them, Skidwarres, spends two years learning all things English. His tutor, Richard, a young Oxford educated gentleman, sails back with him to the New World, along with 140 English soldiers, craftsmen, and adventurers. At the mouth of the Kennebec River, in what is now Maine, they erect the first English settlement north of Jamestown. Little is known and much is speculated about this earliest of colonial footprints, but Seymour expertly weaves a story that combines a fun read with an impressive eye for historical detail. End notes also provide the reader a mean for differentiating fact from fancy.

Seymour and others will be honored on January 23 at a private awards reception at the British Library.

Other winners in the competition:


WINNER: It Only Takes One Friend - Robin Taylor Chiarello

RUNNER-UP: Under the Rainbow - Katherine Reynolds


  • How Dachshunds Came to Be - Kizzie Elizabeth Jones
  • Dear Sun - Lauren Lombardo
  • The Missing Mommy Cure - Midge Leavey
  • The Elephant Tree - Melanie Dore
  • The Adventures of Joe Fenek - Graham Bayes
  • Leah's Voice - Lori DeMonia
  • Donkeys Are Special and So Are You! - T.W. Krueger
  • Manner-Man - Sherrill S. Cannon
  • Sparkle & The Light - Ayn Cates Sullivan
  • Higgledy Piggledy - B. Seymour Rabinovitch
  • Where Do the Mondays Go? - Patricia Sloan
  • Moore Field School and the Mystery - Liam Moser
  • Beatrice Pigeon Goes to Mexico - Lisa Young
  • History's a Mystery Once Again - Dell Brand
  • Bucket Filling from A to Z - Carol McCloud and Caryn Butzke
  • The Enchanted Grandfather's Clock - Charlotte Jones
  • The Iron-Jawed Boy - Nicholas Lee
  • The Dreamcatcher Adventures: Greedy Jack Wallace - Adam C. Veile
  • Supernatural Hero - Eran Gadot
  • Frida: A Journey Through A Self-Portrait - Isabell Frants Marty, et. al.
  • The Little Gnome - Sheri Fink
  • Burton and the Christmas Tree - V.A. Boeholt
  • A Squirrel's Story: A True Tale - Jana Bommersbach
  • A Midnight Song - C. L. Peck
  • Randy the Raindrop - Patty Jean Wiese
  • Mother Holle's Fairy Tales - Miro Pokorny Illustrated by Miro Vrabel
  • The Garden Fairy & Mrs. Mouse - Suzy McGregor
  • Halle and Tiger with their Bucketfilling Family - Peggy Johncox
  • Barry's Adventures - Dulce Rodrigues


WINNER: Fifty-Fifty: The Clarity of Hindsight - Julie Kessler

RUNNER-UP: In the Hands of Angels - Joanna Barucci


  • Ahmam's Islands - Chung Wenyin
  • The Magic Pumpkin - Benji Alexander Palus
  • Learning to Live with Fritz - E. Rawlins
  • Murder in the Haunted - Carol Lee Owen
  • Beat Your Afib - Patti J. Ryan
  • I Like Your Form: Confessions of a Personal Trainer - J.D. Holmes
  • Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual - Carroll Blair
  • I Run: A Novel - E.L. Farris
  • Sanctuary - Alene Adele Roy
  • Philomena Sparks and the Curse of the Big Ben - Marielba Cancel Olmo


WINNER: Tasting Home - Judith Newtown

RUNNER-UP: Tears for my City - Dean Dimitrieski


  • A Woman of Interest: A Memoir in Letters - Cindy Zimmerman
  • Houston: Pretty Enough - Kim Haley/Charles Lupula
  • Lamb of Legacy - Cindy Rodriguez
  • Saving Sight - Dr. Andrew Lam
  • Queue Jumper - Jill Perry
  • Finding My Voice with Aphasia - Carol M. Moloney
  • Counting the Days: 366 Days in Prison - Leslie Rutkin
  • As We Walk Through the Valley - Amy Conner
  • Longing to Live: Journey with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome..- Margaret Lambert
  • A Not-so-Nice Jewish Boy Faces WWII - Norman Beim
  • Nobody Knows How Famous I Am - Tom Duro


WINNER: The Dawn of Eve - Shaun Penney

RUNNER-UP: A Better Tomorrow - Ian J. Keeney


  • Among the Veils - Bret Alexander Sweet
  • The Borealis Genome - Thomas P. Wise/Nancy Wise
  • Exodus Conflict - Michael J. Brooks
  • L'etranger Extraterrestre - Normand Beaupre
  • Untimed - Andy Gavin
  • Return of the Dragons: Hidden Magic - Kenneth Kappelman
  • Sammi - W.D. County


WINNER: Beyond: Popham Colony - R. deVillers Seymour

RUNNER-UP: Sable Shadow and the Presence - William Pease


  • Rising of a Dead Moon - Paul Haston
  • Moon River - Laurens van Veen
  • Julia & Rodrigo - Mark Brazaitis
  • Living Well is the Best Revenge - Jake Aurelian
  • Portraits of an Artist - Mary F. Burns 
  • Kisiskatchewan: The Great River Road - Barbara Huck
  • The Magdalene Mystery - Christine Sunderland
  • The Coin - Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
  • A Melody of Tears - Anas Abou Ismael
  • Ulysses Uncovered - Patrick Moloney
  • The Year of the Horsetails - R.F. Tapsell
  • Promise to Pay the Borrower - Page Martin
  • Silent Trees - Nasir Shansab
  • Dragon Bones - D.A. Winstead
  • Sleeper's Run - Henry Mosquera
  • Winter Nova - Preston Morgan
  • The Rockin' Chair - Steven Manchester
  • The Goddess Letters - Vicki Matthews
  • The Biology of Luck - Jacob Appel
  • Fall from Grace - Patty Sleem
  • The Vacation - Gaspar DeMarco
  • Bleu Moon - Caroline Clemens
  • Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Tilia Jacobs
  • Primal Sympathy - Dee Silverstein
  • A Dark Perfection - Mark James


WINNER: The Democratic Contradictions of Multiculturalism - Jens-Martin Eriksen/Frederik Stjernfelt

RUNNER-UP: Life Expectancy - William Keiper


  • Broken Pieces - Rachel Thompson
  • A Journal of No Illusions - Timothy Luke/Ben Agger
  • 17 Cents and a Dream - Daniel Milstein
  • The Other Medicine That Really Works! - Heidi Dupree
  • Breadcrumbs for Beginners - Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg
  • Fire in a Small Town - Ken Bilderback/Kris Bilderback
  • Nightmarriage - Chad T. Johnston
  • Raising a Child's Awareness - Gretchen Marie Fox
  • The Growth of Truth - Bonnie Meroth
  • Algebraic Structures Using Super Interval Matrices- Florentin Smarandache
  • Return to Order: From A Frenzied Economy to Organic…- John Horvat II
  • The 9-Week Miracle - Maryanne Shaw
  • Tennessee Tails - Kathryn Primm, DVM
  • Had to Take a Break - Clayton Coburn
  • The Wonderful Life of Senator Boniface and Other…- Ayo Sogunro


WINNER: Nigger for Life - Dr. Neal Hall

RUNNER-UP: The Last Temptation of Bond -- Kimmy Beach


  • Amores De Tarde - Issamary Simmons Benavides
  • Bellwether Messages - Daniel S. Janik
  • The Vast Unknowing - Nancy Shiffrin
  • But By The Chance of War - Richard C. Lyons
  • Dreaming My Animal Selves - Helene Cardona
  • Take This Journey with Me - John Turner
  • From Pink Bows to Red Stilettos - Xia Devore


WINNER: The Savvy Girl's Guide to Grace - Alicia Young

RUNNER-UP: You Don't Have to Hurt Anymore - Cindy Sellers


  • Excuse Me, Can You Repeat That? - Cathryn Cushner Edelstein
  • Breadcrumbs for Beginners - Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg
  • Gutsy: How Women Leaders Make Change - Sylvia LaFair
  • Sixty-Minute Seder: Preserving the Essence... - Cass and Nellie Foster


WINNER: An Idiot's Tale: The Lost Writings of Rapunzel - Robin Elizabeth Lieske

RUNNER-UP: A Dime in Time - Valerie Hart


WINNER: The British Book of Social Media Marketing - Gemma L. Thompson

RUNNER-UP: The Team Formula - Mandy Flint and Elisabet Vinberg Hearn


  • The Power of Urgency - William Keiper
  • Compass: Creating Exceptional Organizations - William F. Brandt Jr.


WINNER: the beauty of the city in the last hour of the night - Alexander Forbes

RUNNER-UP: My Mother's Ring: A Holocaust Historical Novel - Dana Fitzwater Cornell


  • Stay - Hilary Wynne
  • Lily's Payback - Andrew Rose
  • Deep Into Dusk - Laurie Stevens
  • Elsbeth and the Pirate's Adventure - J. Bean Palmer
  • Counsel of Ravens - M.M. Gornell
  • Sgarrwrath, Prequel to the Prophecy of Hope - Sarah Kennedy
  • Elsbeth and the Pirate's Adventure - J. Bean Palmer


WINNER: The Jericho River: A Magical Novel About the History of Western Civilization - David Carthage

RUNNER-UP: The Geneva Project - Truth - Christina Benjamin


  • A Touch of Mortality - Vivian Ditzler
  • You Are Here: The WriteGirl Journey - Keren Taylor
  • Double A Blues - Patrick Rockenbach
  • A Voice To Be Heard - Dell Brand
  • Traffic Jam - Melissa Groeling
  • Ghost of Johanna/El - Susan K. Earl
  • The Curse - John S. Marr/Andrew Komula
  • Playing Tyler - T.L. Costa
  • I'm Nobody - Alexander Marestaing
  • The Curse - John S. Marr/Andrew Komula
  • Wizdom and Pandora: The Quest for the Blood Jewel - Krista Woodard
  • Pond Ghosts - Alene Adele Roy
  • Hanna The President's Daughter - John Denison


WINNER: Gluten-Free Breakfast - Linda J. Amendt

RUNNER-UP: Save the Males: A Kitchen Survival Cookbook - Reparata Mazzola


WINNER: Changing Fate Through Reincarnation - Gerald Sze

RUNNER-UP: The Trauma Tool Kit: Healing PTSD from the Inside - Susan Pease Banitt


  • Beyond Happiness:The 12 Principles of Enduring Bliss - Marnie McDermott
  • Faith Beyond Belief - Margaret Placentra Johnston
  • Intentional Spirits - Bonnie Meroth
  • Gunna Dan an Angel for Everyone - Patrick Moloney
  • Ancient Wisdom, Modern Master - Lila Ivey
  • Human Natures, of Animal and Spiritual - Carroll Blair
  • Healing Your Life with Water - Diana E. Ruiz
  • Ten Ways to Rescue Your Soul - Jamie Dunier
  • Fall From Grace - Patty Sleem
  • My Extraordinary Life - Monica Sucha Vickers


WINNER: Wandering in Paris - Joanna Biggar/Linda Watanabe McFerrin