The 2007 London Book Festival has named Matthias Kuntzel’s “Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11” as the grand prize winner of its annual competition honoring books worthy of greater attention from the international publishing community.

Kuntzel’s work, released through New York-based Telos Press Publishing, traces the alleged impact of European fascism on the Arab and Islamic world, drawing parallels between ancient prejudice and modern radicalism. Now translated to English and updated from its German publication in 2002, Kuntzel’s examination of the roots of the current strife between cultures and religions and its impact on world affairs has earned him the festival’s grand prize of $1500 and a flight to London or Los Angeles.

Other winners and honorable mentions for the 2007 London Book Festival:


WINNER: “Thirty Bytes of Solitude” – Lawrence Robinson


  • Hollywood and Sunset – Luke Salisbury

  • The Sidewalk Smoker’s Club – Steven Siciliano

  • The Advent of the King – Fletcher King

  • Lost Adulteries & Other Stories – William Davey

  • Terror Counter Terror - Steve Pieczenik

  • Working Horses – Sandy Thorne

  • A Trial Of One – Mary E. Martin

  • The Lorelei – Ronald Schmidt

  • Ghosts in the Wood – Ronald Findlay

  • The Spanish Teacher – Barbara de la Cuesta

  • Avalanche – Girad Clacy

  • The Pict – Jack Dixon

  • L’ombre Du Soleil – Tinavidy Sham Said

  • Crossing The Wire – Bob Kornhiser

  • Elvis is Alive – Robert Mickey Maughon, M.D.

  • The Disappearance of Lilya Bekirova – Michelle Dixon

  • Guns – Phil Bowie

  • Wearing The Spider – Susan Schaab

  • The Silurian: Book One – L.A. Wilson

  • The Year 1963/The City Dallas – Georg Edvard Mateos

  • Promised Land – Bob Adamov

  • Dreamtime – Robert Steiner


    WINNER: “I Love You More” - Laura Duksta/Karen Keesler


  • The Patched Heart – H.E. Stewart

  • Benny’s Pets – Mr. Whimsy/Amy Meadow

  • Have You Filled A Bucket Today? – Carol McCloud/David Messing

  • Guardian of Dreams – Wendy Torrel/Kendal Klingbeil

  • Why Is Cory Brown? - Michelle Jestice

  • The Adventures of Odysseus – Hugh Lutpon/Daniel Morden/Christina Balit

  • Knitting With Gigi - Karen Thalacker

  • Giraffe of Montana – William Bowman Piper

  • The Miracle at Stinky Bay – Bob Stromberg/Nathan Stromberg

  • The Ugly Caterpillar – Carol Sommer/Greg Budwine

  • No Perfect People, Please – Diane Asitimbay/Jim Whiting

  • Letter of Love From China – Bonnie Cuzzolino/Jax Bennett


    WINNER: Spoken Word Revolution – Edited by Mark Eleveld


  • Healing Shine: A Spiritual Assignment – Michael Johnson

  • The Two Missing Links of Medical Malpractice – Dr. Ira E. Williams


    WINNER: “On The Downhill Side” – William Hedrington


  • Thoughts I Left Behind – William Roetzheim

  • Airplane Lies and Other Poems Without A Home – Mark Brunetti

  • Dancing In Dissent – Jim Moreno

  • Head Trauma – Gary David Johnson

  • Pariscapes: Conversations With Paris – Ted Czuk

  • Something About the Blues – Al Young

  • Words Collected On The Road To Silence – Margaret Coyle

  • The Blossoms of the Night-Blooming Cereus – Ursula Gibson


    WINNER: Silent Voices – Edited By Peter Balaskas


  • Open Your Heart With Bicycling – Shawn B. Rohrbach

  • High Way From Hell – Moonstone Star White

  • Firefighterette Gillette – Engineer Kathy Gillette

  • Back from the Bardo: Three Short Stories – James Cage

  • The Next Evolution – Jack Reed


    WINNER: “Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11” – Matthias Kuntzel


  • Why Things Are – William Roetzheim

  • Women of Courage: Intimate Stories from Afghanistan – Katherine Kiviat/Scott Heidler

  • A Sense of Place – Michael Shapiro

  • Halfway Across The River – Annette Childs

  • What’s Your BQ? – Sandra Sellani

  • Fiction Writing Demystified – Thomas B. Sawyer

  • Monique and the Mango Rains – Kris Holloway

  • Sweet Swan of Avon – Robin P. Williams

  • The Writer Behind The Words – Dara Girard

  • Twin Voices: A Memoir of Polio, The Forgotten Killer – Janice Flood Nichols

  • Medicine Dance – Marsha Scarbrough

  • The Numinous Legacy – Adair Butchins

  • Badge 149: Shots Fired! – Gary P. Jones

  • The Origin of Wealth and Poverty – J. Moromisato

  • Meta-Kabala: Codes of the Universe – Abe Abrahami

  • Being Here: Modern Day Tales – Ariel & Shya Kane

  • Take Me With You – Brad Newsham


    WINNER: “Graffetecture” – Doug Fogelson


  • Sonneteer - Doug Fogelson

  • Short Stories Illustrated By Artists – Doug Fogelson

  • As Cores Do Tempos – Samuel Nunes

  • Ghosts – Jane Tuckerman

  • Farrow & Ball: The Art of Color – Brian Coleman/Edward Addeo

  • The Ultimate Fashion Study Guide – Victoria Hunter


    WINNER: Strike at the Heart: The First Mission – Lawrence Berrie


  • The Mirror – Natalia Lincoln

  • Strike at the Heart: The Rescue Mission – Lawrence Berrie

  • Awakening Love – Gladys Hobson

  • Call of the Trumpet – Helen Rosburg

  • The Vampire Shrink – Lynda Hilburn

  • Across Time: Mystery of the Great Sphinx – Dr. O.J. Harp


    WINNER: The Idiom – Mark Baird


    WINNER: “Cooking Danish: A Taste of Denmark” – Stig Hansen


  • How To Sh*t Around The World – Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth

  • Chinglish: Found in Translation – Oliver Lutz Radtke

  • How To Negotiate Like A Pro – Mary Greenwood

  • Renovation Psychology – Dr. Debi Warner

  • The Art of Color – Brian Coleman


    WINNER: “Criminal of Poverty” - Lisa Gray-Garcia


  • Color Me Butterfly – L.Y. Marlow

  • Beyond The Razor Wire..Is Australia… – Sandy Thorne

  • Mrs. Marty Mann – Sally Brown/David Brown

  • Twin Voices – A Memoir of Polio, The Forgotten Killer – Janice Flood Nichols

  • Imgard’s Flute – Bernard Bail


    WINNER: “Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers” - Shel Horowitz


  • Roadworks – Gerard Readett

  • Bettina’s Adventures – Ruth Pavilonis


    WINNER: “Songs for a Teenage Nomad” – Kim Culbertson


  • Cassandra Peel and the Curse of the Black Swan’s Daughter – J. Robert Maze

  • Cassandra Peel and the Slave Girls of Xanadu – J. Robert Maze

  • Surfer Girl – Penelope Dyan

  • The King’s Fool – Amanda Holohan

  • The Call To Shakabaz – Amy Wachspress

  • Untangled – Keren Taylor

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